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Sunday nights // 5:15-7:00pm

Beginning September 9th


Youth Ministry (kids in 6th-12th grade) meets on Sunday nights from 5:15-7:00pm in the Trinity Room off the side of the Worship Center. This ministry is lead by Brian Zuniga and Matt Plemons.

Upcoming Events

Opening Night - September 9th

The goal of youth ministries is to follow Grace Fellowship in its goal to be a Christ-centered community intent on proclaiming the gospel, making disciples, and sacrificially serving others. We value Biblical teaching that aims to lead to worship, prayer, and obedience. We want students to have hearts that have been transformed by the gospel and are filled with love for God and joy in Christ.

Through both discipleship groups and growing relationships between one another, we hope that each student develops rich and intimate friendships, enjoying the unity of the Spirit within the body of Christ. Additionally, we emphasize service and care for others at home, at church, and in the community.

In all of this, we desire to continue to affirm the role of parents as the primary teachers in the lives of their children and to support and equip them as spiritual leaders in the home.

--Brian Zuniga, Senior Pastor